Truthought Today

We are passionate about providing you with the know-how, skills and curriculum you need to be successful in leading others toward positive, pro-social character and harmonious community living. We began offering publications in 1995 and seminars and workshops were launched in 1997. That sparked a flame that continues to grow in applicability and effectuating lasting, positive character in any walk of life in any place. Join the Truthought revolution and start your change reaction today!

While it is not the case for all of the locations on the map, many of the locations listed represent programs where entry is mandated, not voluntary. Please check with local providers in your community for referrals. Truthought does not make referrals and provides only the general information shown.

Truthought Corrective Thinking Process is founded upon the understanding that an individual develops behavior patterns, both positive and negative, to explain, support and validate the individual's world view. This basic principle is not new, and is supported by the findings of numerous social and psychological studies. However, understanding a basic principle, and applying that principle to effectively modify behavior is the difference between knowing how a plane works, and being able to fly one.

Truthought proven program, tools, and techniques are effective for prevention and intervention and have tremendous potential for reaching and influencing behavior changes from the least or "nominally irresponsible" persons to the most "at risk" populations in our schools, our businesses and our wider community.