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On Demand Training in Thinking Barriers & Tactics

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Thinking Barriers and Tactics Course

It's so much easier to learn by watching and clicking than by sitting in a long lecture or reading a thick manual. That's why we put our most popular training online. You'll rapidly gain new insight with every click as you view short videos with a multi-choice Q/A format.

This course in Thinking Barriers and Tactics provides insight into the root of behavior problems, irresponsible thinking and manipulative tactics. Depending on your current proficiency the course takes 45 to 90 min. You can exit and re-enter the course as often as you like until it's completed and you receive your certificate.

This course serves as an introduction to Thinking Barriers and Tactics and also the method of updating your practitioner certificate status with Truthought.

All Purchases of online courses are final. No refunds or returns.


Upcoming Events

Truthought Workshops

Click upcoming events above to join us at a workshop or host these workshops onsite at your location and get reduced rates for your staff. All workshops include an online course that is required to be completed by attendees in advance.

1 Day Truthought Quickstarter

Staff gain a universal language and learn the basic features of Truthought's evidence-based approach. This one day quickstarter gives you a through overview of the most important Truthought principles of practice. You'll leave equipped with the information and understanding you need to get off to a quick and confident start with Truthought.

2 Day Truthought Accelerated Workshop

Learn to work consistently as a team with Truthought's evidence-based approach. You'll learn to spot negative thinking habits and tactics and turn the tide on irresponsible and criminal behavior by effectively redirecting manipulative tactics and transforming irresponsible thinking habits into responsible thinking and living. You can do it. We'll show you how.

This workshop can be taken individually, but is best experienced in co-worker clusters. Together you master a universal langauge and develop an evidence-based approach that includes effective motivational dialog and establishing effective consequences to develop a culture of consistency organizaton-wide.

Community Collaborative Workshop (coming Fall 2017)


Update Your Certificate

Attention Truthought Alumni who hold a certificate in Truthought? When the expiration on your certificate draws near (3yrs), you can update your status with Truthought eLearning! Your eLearning certificate is updated and provided electronically upon completion of the course. Your renewal status is automatically updated in Truthought's Alumni Database and you're good to go for another 3 yrs!